Сертификат HubSpot "Inbound" 2020
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  • Сертификат HubSpot "Inbound" 2020
Сертификат HubSpot "Inbound" 2020
  • Сертификат специалиста Hubspot "Inbound"
  • Сертификат HubSpot "Inbound" 2019
  • Сертификат HubSpot "Inbound" 2020


850,00 руб.
В течение часа!
Входящая сертификация Hubspot "Inbound" включает девять классов, которые охватывают основные элементы входящей методологии. От оптимизации Вашего сайта по аналогии с целевой страницей и до сегментирования Вашей контактной базы данных, эти классы - это основа того, что входит в стоимость.
Есть в наличии!

Вопросы: экзамен состоит из 60 вопросов.
Время: на его прохождение отводится 180 минут.
Проходной балл: 85% и выше.

Сертификат появляется в профиле HubSpot Academy, и его можно распечатать.
12447 шт.
Внимание !
Вопросы к тесту выложены исключительно в ознакомительных целях: количество вопросов может не совпадать с действительным, актуальность не поддерживается,- за решением теста Welcome to the cashier!

A customer who recently purchased your product realizes that it’s not the right solution for the problem they were trying to solve. He would like to return the product. Which stage of the buyer’s journey is your customer in?

None of the above

A website visitor is reading the blog post you published last month. They’re intrigued by the call-to-action that you have at the bottom of your post, so they decide to click it and are redirected to a form which they fill out and submit. Which Inbound Methodology stage is being described in this scenario?


You’ve been tasked with helping to research your organization’s buyer persona. Your boss asks you to reach out to a few good and bad customers. Is this the right approach?

Yes, you should try to interview all types of customers. That way you’ll have a better idea of the ideal buyer you’re trying to market and sell to.
Yes, interview as many current customers as you possibly can. You should avoid reaching out to prospects since they haven’t used your product/service.
No, you shouldn’t be interviewing customers. Instead, you should interview ideal customers, prospects, and those that don’t know your organization.
No, you shouldn’t be reaching out to bad customers. They will skew the buyer persona story since they aren’t your ideal customer.

What is the buyer’s journey?

It’s the active research process someone goes through leading up to a purchase.
It’s the set of actions that a buyer goes through after he or she made a purchase.
It’s the Inbound Methodology but from the buyer’s perspective.
It’s the experience your prospect goes through when learning about your brand.

You’ve joined a startup company. Before building out your content strategy, you’ll need to develop your company’s primary buyer persona. What’s the appropriate order for developing the buyer persona for your startup?

Research, identify trends, and create persona stories
Create persona story, test and optimize, and make assumptions
Make assumptions, identify trends, and ask company employees for input
A buyer persona shouldn’t be developed at this time.

True or false? Buyer personas are effective for all organization types.


What are inbound links?

Links to resources on an external website
Links pointing from one of your blog posts to another page on your website
Links that you create within your inbound content
Links back to your website from another website

You’re writing a new blog post. Your boss tells you that she wants to get found for the keyword “free project collaboration software”. Which is the best response to her request?

“We should do ‘collaboration software’ instead. Your suggestion isn’t broad, so it probably gets a low volume of searches, meaning not many blog post views.”
“We’re on the right track, but we should try to get found for ‘collaboration software for projects’ instead. We need to match our keyword to exactly what people are searching for.”
“Let’s create a blog post with this keyword. It’s a term our buyer persona would use and is a long-tail version of collaboration software.”
“I’d recommend choosing a long-tail version. There will be a lot of competition for that keyword and some popular sites may already hold the top ranking spots.”

For a blog post, include your primary keyword in all of the following page elements EXCEPT:

Page title

If there are any images within a blog post or website page, why should you add alt-text to the image?

Allows a search engine to understand what that image is about
Allows that image to get found in image searches
Allows another place to be optimized with the primary keyword focus
All of the above

True or false? Every page should have a unique meta description.


Fill in the blank: The outlined Content Process steps are plan, create, _______, analyze, repeat.


If your content is focused on the different solutions to your buyer persona’s problem, where would that content fit into the buyer’s journey?

All of the above

True or false? You have spent a lot of time planning and creating a great content offer. You are now done with the content process and should move on to create your next piece of content.


Which of the following is NOT a metric to consider when analyzing a content offer?

Performance by format type
Number of social shares
Open rate
Number of leads generated

You work for a company that manufactures prescription eyeglasses and want to create a piece of content for your buyer persona. Your buyer persona is someone that already has glasses, but it’s important for them to make sure their prescription is up-to-date while also being stylish. Which would be an effective Awareness stage offer for getting this persona’s attention?

A guide on how to find the right eye doctor
A webinar that covers this year’s eyeglass trends and the new styles your company will be releasing
A checklist on how to determine if it’s time to get a new pair of eyeglasses
A case study on how your company helped consumers find their perfect pair of eyeglasses

Fill in the blank: When creating a content offer, use _________ to determine the best content offer format.

your buyer personas
the buyer’s journey
content distribution
industry benchmarks

Analyzing the number of views for a blog post can tell you all of the following EXCEPT:

Whether you’ve picked the right call-to-action for your post
Which blog posts are performing best
Which topics are resonating with your readers
How much traffic each post is driving

boss wants a report on the success of your blog. What information should you NOT analyze?

Popular articles by topic, author or promotion channel
Number of views for each post
Number of keywords per blog post
Number of clicks on the offer within the post

You work for a travel agency and need to write your next blog post. What topic should you write about to attract families that have never heard of you and are looking to take a vacation?

The best family-friendly vacation destinations
The affordable pricing of your family-friendly vacation packages
The latest trip that your agency organized for a family
Why your agency provides the best experience for families

Which of the following would be the most appropriate call-to-action to place at the bottom of an Awareness stage blog post?

“Request Your Free Consultation”
“Download a Team Communication Guide”
“Download Our Pricing Guide”
“Your Custom Quote Is Waiting for You”

Your boss wants you to blog primarily about your company news, its services, and various corporate events. What is your response?

“That’s a good idea. We want to attract the most qualified visitors with our posts, so we should help people understand our business.”
“That’s not a good idea. We’re trying to attract new visitors with our posts. These people haven’t yet heard of our company. If we write about ourselves, they won’t find us organically.”
“That’s a good idea. Blogging not only helps attract new visitors but convert leads as well. We can generate more qualified leads by including event calls-to-action at the end of the posts.”
“That’s not a good idea. The more focus our blog can have the better. We need to decide between company news, service, and corporate event announcements.”

According to HubSpot the R in SMART goal setting stands for ______.


Fill in the blank: ______ is used to measure the size of your potential audience.

Audience growth

Which of the following is an example of a SMART social media goal?

Increase leads from social media by 50% by the end of the month
Increase leads from Twitter from 50 to 100 leads by the end of the month
Increase leads from Twitter by the end of the month
Increase leads from Twitter by 50% from 50 to 75 leads

You’re responsible for managing your company’s social media accounts. Your colleague tells you about how a lot of businesses are using Pinterest to promote content. Your company doesn’t have a Pinterest account yet, so he encourages you to create one. How would you respond?

“Great idea. I’ll build out an account. We can use it to promote the new infographics that we’ll be creating.”
“That’s not a good idea. Pinterest isn’t as popular as other social media channels, so we won’t see much of an ROI for the amount of time we’d be putting in.”
“I like the idea but before we create an account, we should do some research. We need to determine if this is a social media channel that our buyer personas are spending time at.”
“Thanks for the suggestion, but a Pinterest account isn’t something that we’ll be creating. We already have three other social media accounts and it’s best to keep it to no more than three.”

Which of the following should NOT be included in a social media message?

Website link
None of the above

What elements should be tested on your CTA?

Placement on the page
All of the above

Fill in the blank: A call-to-action (CTA) is a button that promotes an offer and links to a(n) ______.

Landing page
Thank you page
Website page

A CTA should always contain:

An image
Less than 7 words
An action verb
All of the above

Landing pages should contain all of the following EXCEPT:

Website navigation
A headline
A video
Social sharing icons

Fill in the blank: Landing pages are designed to _________.

Deliver a content offer to a lead
Close leads into customers
Be the page that a lead “lands” on, after filling out a form
Convert visitors into leads

True or False: A landing page navigation menu should be different from the rest of the site.

Your menu should be shorter to direct people to particular areas of your site.
Your menu should be the same as the rest of your site to be consistent.
Your menu should direct people to related content offers.
Your menu should not exist on a landing page.

A landing page should connect to a thank you page.


A form on your landing page should only ask the questions that your sales team needs to have answered.


All of the following are reasons to place a call-to-action on a thank you page EXCEPT:

Encourage leads to stay on your site
Thank your leads for their interest in your offer
Move leads further into the buyer’s journey
Keep leads converting on your website

A thank you page optimized for lead engagement contains:

An image
A link to your About Us page
A link to a specific blog post related to the topic

You should use an inline thank you message if you want to give more information to your new lead.


Fill in the blank: When using A/B testing for email, it’s important to _______.

never conduct an A/B test on more than 50 people, since your hypothesis might be wrong
test only one thing at a time so you can isolate the significant variable
test more than one thing to take advantage of the experiment
remember that A/B testing is only useful for larger organizations and isn’t useful until your company reaches a certain scale

Fill in the blank: Personalization tokens and list segmentation are both examples of using _____ in email.

A/B testing
marketing automation

Fill in the blank: The subject line of your email should ____.

be five words or less. Studies have shown subject lines over this number are not effective.
not contain personalization.
depend on the offer, industry, audience and device.
never reveal the full value of the email.

Which of these is NOT a best practice when optimizing your emails for mobile?

Use clear and concise messaging. People are more likely to scan emails, regardless of what device they are using.
Use a responsive template. That way your email will conform to the device your reader is using.
Make your content comprehensive. Since people carry their phones with them everywhere, a captive audience is more willing to read a longer email.
Bigger is better. When it comes to text, images, and calls-to-action, be aware that people will be reading your email on smaller screens.

Fill in the blank: A ______ is an email that has been returned to the sender because the email address is invalid.

Hard bounce
Soft bounce

At the start of the year, your company has 5,000 leads. Over the course of the year, you generate another 1,000 leads. True or false: you now have 6,000 leads in your database that you can email.

True: An effective email marketing strategy is self-sustaining and will always help to generate new business
False: You cannot use email marketing to close leads into customers.
False: The average email list decays about 25% a year.
True: Purchased lists will allow a business to continuously add leads to their funnel with no adverse effects

According to the marketing and sales funnel, prospects are defined as:

Anyone that has downloaded a content offer
A lead that has had contact with your organization already
Website visitors who have signed up for a blog or an email newsletter
Anyone in the sales and marketing funnel who has requested a demo or trial

Why is the Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) stage important for both your sales and marketing teams?

It has no relevance to smarketing and is simply used for executive teams to track sales activity
It will help your sales and marketing teams remain on the same page in terms of the quality and volume of MQLs that marketing is handing over
It will help your marketing team determine if they need to use closed-loop reporting
There is no difference between an SQL and an MQL, thus this stage has no relevance to smarketing

True or False? Marketing is responsible for defining a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) and sales is responsible for defining a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL).

False: Both teams work together to come up with a common definition of the terms
True: Marketing and sales must use the same words, but it’s OK for the definitions to be different
False: As long as both teams understand what the other team is using as a definition, they can stay separate
True: It’s important for marketing and sales to have their own definition for the same words

Fill in the blank: Marketing and sales should be aligned around the same goal. Typically this is a shared _____ goal.

Return on investment (ROI)

Smarketing is only helpful for increasing revenue for large organizations with 100+ employees.


Which of the following is the best example of why the sales process has changed?

Sales representatives wanted to remain in control
Sales representatives needed more transparency
Buying habits have changed
Buyers had difficulty finding the right information online

60% of a buyer’s purchase decision has already been made before even talking to a sales representative. What does that mean for inbound sales?

Sales representatives should keep this in mind, but this doesn’t change the way the world should sell.
Buyers are more educated, so there’s less work for the sales representatives.
Sales representatives need to push and sell harder to convince buyers to make the right decision.
Sales representatives must evolve their selling to keep up with customers’ buying habits.

Your company has decided to take an inbound approach to sales. Which of the following does NOT align with your company’s new inbound sales practices?

Building relationships with your prospects
Utilizing content from each stage of the buyer’s journey
Leveraging the buyer’s context on calls
Using a scripted sales pitch on all calls

True or false? As an inbound sales representative, acting as an information gatekeeper and holding power over the entire sales process helps you win more sales.


If you were an inbound sales representative, how can you gain “trusted advisor status” with the people you connect with?

Build up your personal brand as a thought leader in your industry
Understand the prospect’s problem and identify quick wins for them
Be in the prospect’s industry for ten or more years
Have a lot of LinkedIn connections

When should you focus on delighting people?

From the very first moment someone interacts with your business
After they have used your product or service
At the beginning of the sales process
From the moment they become a customer to delight them into promoters

You want to improve your customer experience processes and your products to ensure you’re focused on delight. Which should you do to get the largest, most representative sample?

Talk to team members
Collect survey responses
Gather testimonials from your users
Send emails

What are the three pillars of delight?

Invent, Serve, Collaborate
Innovation, Communication, Education
Innovating, Connecting, Teaching
Invent, Communicate, Educate

It’s recommended you create some sort of interaction that takes place after someone purchases your product or service. What’s the most efficient and scalable tool you can use to do this?

Mail them a thank you note
Social media
Phone call
Email workflows

What’s an effective way to empower your team while not micro-managing them?

Give them a goal and let them figure it out.
Develop a set of defined principles that will help them operate autonomously.
Create scripts that your team must use when serving customers.
Have daily status check-in meetings to make sure they are working on the right things.

True or false? To ensure that search engines understand your website page, it’s necessary to repeat your primary keyword throughout the page content using the same wording and phrasing.


What are the four guidelines to keep in mind when connecting with your leads over the phone?

Build rapport, know your audience, speak the prospect’s language, be helpful
Build rapport, sound happy, be helpful, schedule follow-up call
Be nice, know your audience, follow your planned agenda, be helpful
Sound interested, know your audience, follow your planned agenda, schedule follow-up call

You would like to increase the number of clicks on your current CTA. What is the suggested approach to making changes to a CTA?

Don’t change the CTA – change the page that it’s on
Test multiple things at once to maximize the value of your experiment
Give it a totally new look
Change one element at a time

You’ve started a new business and along with that a new Facebook page for your brand. You’re sharing your new blog posts to Facebook about 2-3 times per month. You find that your account doesn’t have much audience engagement and you’re not seeing the results you were expecting. Rather than spend time on Facebook, you decide to spend your time on another social channel, like Twitter. Is this the right approach?

If your audience reach and engagement goals aren’t met, it means that you’re spending time on a social media channel that isn’t where your buyer personas are spending time.
Twitter is a better social media channel for sharing blog posts. Facebook is better for more visual content.
You should first try publishing on a more frequent and consistent basis, rather than 2-3 times per month. Regularly sharing content and updates can help with engagement and gives you an active presence.
Engagement is not a metric that you should be using to determine the ROI of a social media channel. You should be using audience growth instead.

When creating a blog title, why do the number of characters in the title matter?

It matters if the blog post will be shared on Twitter since this social media channel only allows 140 characters.
It matters because search engines show a limited amount of characters, and a cut off title could affect click-through rates.
It doesn’t matter as long as the title is descriptive.
It matters because you should only be including one primary keyword within your title.

True or false? Each prospect who comes to your website for the first time is always in the Awareness stage of the buyer’s journey.


Fill in the blank: Inbound marketing represents a fundamental shift in the way that organizations operate because it is ______-centric.


True or false? To ensure that search engines understand your website page, it’s necessary to repeat your primary keyword throughout the page content using the same wording and phrasing.


True or false? You should vary the time that you share content on your social media channels. That way you can discover the times your audience is most active and continue to share content during those times.


The rate of visitors converting on a landing page is affected by the CTA.


A thank you page allows you to complete all of the following EXCEPT:

Promoting additional offers to the lead
Providing a link to the offer
Emailing the offer to the lead
Enabling social sharing

Your boss asks you to do some reporting on your email performance from last quarter. Which email metric can you ignore?

Industry average
Open rate
Click rate
Bounce rate

What is the most important reason for why marketing and sales should share the same goal(s)?

Alignment around goals makes it less expensive to run an organization.
Alignment around goals puts an emphasis on collaboration and holds marketing and sales accountable to each other.
Alignment around goals reduces the number of employees necessary to hit revenue goals.
Alignment around goals makes it easier for the company to manage employees.

Which interactions will build or destroy trust?

Only pre-sale interactions
Only post-sale interactions
All of the interactions
None of the interactions

What is lead nurturing?

The process of building relationships with prospects with the goal of earning their business when they’re ready.
The process of sending individual emails to get them to purchase your product or service.
The process of placing the right call-to-action in the right email and sending it to the right person.
The process of calling qualified prospects and engaging them with a consultative sales process.

What does the open rate of your email indicate?

That your email has converted leads
That your email is getting to your contacts’ inbox
That people are enticed to click on the offer in the email
That your subject line is effective

Which of the following is NOT a benefit that can be gained from closed-loop reporting?

Being able to identify which Marketing Qualified Leads are more likely to ask for a discount when signing a contract.
Being able to pass information to sales that can help aid them in connecting and engaging with contacts within the first 24 hours.
Being able to analyze which marketing sources (organic, social, referral, etc.) are producing the most customers.
Being able to provide a timeline of all of the interactions a contact took prior to becoming a Marketing Qualified Lead.

Marketing’s Service Level Agreement (SLA) to sales should always include:

The promise to engage with each lead at least three times before identifying them as a Marketing Qualified Leads.
A list of all leads on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis that are not yet Marketing Qualified Leads.
It’s not important to include anything specific in a marketing SLA, just having one is what matters.
Number of Marketing Qualified Leads provided to the sales team on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

Does this example follow best practices for thank you pages? “Thank you. We will send an email to you soon!”

Yes. It explains that the next step for the lead is that they’ll receive an email.
No. The title of the offer is not in the message.
Yes. The message is concise.
No. It’s not clear when the lead will hear back. 

Fill in the blank: Dashboards are key to integrating smarketing into an organization because they provide _______, _______, and _______ updates as to how marketing and sales are performing.

frequent, public, transparent
occasional, private, transparent
frequent, private, transparent
occasional, public, transparent

Внимание !
Вопросы к тесту выложены исключительно в ознакомительных целях: количество вопросов может не совпадать с действительным, актуальность не поддерживается,- за решением теста Welcome to the cashier!

True or false? Most buyers start researching potential solutions before they meet with a salesperson.


True or false? A customer’s buying journey is ever-evolving. You should make updates as you learn more about your buyer persona.


Fill in the blank: Your __________ is your strongest acquisition lever

content library
current customer base
inbound tool stack
sales-qualified leads

What are the stages in the inbound methodology?

Get Found, Convert, Analyze
Attract, Engage, Close
Attract, Engage, Delight
Attract, Convert, Close, Delight

True or false? Attracting is the role of marketing. Engaging is the role of sales. Delighting is the role of services.


What occurs during the attract stage of the inbound methodology?

You answer questions and provide solutions for the challenges your prospects and customers face and strategies to accomplish the goals they set.
You focus on bringing prospects and customers to your social pages or website through relevant and helpful content.
You exceed a prospect or customer’s expectations so much that they’ll want to tell their friends and family about you.
You collect information about the individual you’re working with. 

When does the engage stage of the inbound methodology begin?

The engage stage begins when a purchase occurs.
The engage stage begins when a customer leaves you.
The engage stage begins when a prospect or customer takes a desired action.
The engage stage begins when a prospect or customer proposes you give them a discount.

What is the purpose of the delight stage of the inbound methodology?

To exceed expectations
To provide an outstanding experience every time a prospect or customer interacts with your company
To go the extra step to ensure a prospect or customer accomplishes what they set out to do
All of the above

Fill in the blank: Inbound is about _____ with the world.

sharing your brand
expressing your opinions
sharing your knowledge
building a brand

True or false? As buying behavior changes, the inbound philosophy will also evolve.


Who is responsible for delighting prospects and customers?

Marketing and Services
Sales and Services
Marketing, Sales, and Services

Fill in the blank: The inbound methodology is a circle. What does it represent?


Which place is recommended for the storage of your prospect’s information?

A knowledge base
A notepad
A CRM system
An email provider

Which of the following is NOT true about a flywheel?

Flywheels store momentum.
Flywheels represent a circular process rather than a linear one.
Flywheels are able to stand unsupported for an indefinite amount of time.
Flywheels accelerate as you add more energy to them.

True or false? Every customer has to have a fantastic experience in order for your company’s flywheel to accelerate.

True – Even a single unhappy customer will scare away potential customers, so you need to hold your teams to a standard of pleasing every single customer they work with.
True – If you aren’t providing a flawless customer experience to every one of your customers, you aren’t operating a flywheel company.
False – Not all customers are going to be happy all the time, but your flywheel can counteract their unhappiness by increasing the total size of your customer base.
False – Some customers are inherently difficult to work with, but thinking of your company as a flywheel will encourage your teams to provide as good of an experience as possible even to your most difficult customers.

How can you apply flywheel thinking to your company’s budget?

By investing as much money into things that drive customer happiness, such as support teams and product improvements, as you do into acquiring new customers through marketing and sales.
By making sure funds are evenly distributed to each section of the flywheel. Marketing, sales, and customer support should each have equal proportions of the overall budget.
If your flywheel is truly successful, you won’t need to allocate resources to marketing at all because customer word of mouth will provide all of your new prospects.
If your flywheel ever slows down, you can speed it back up by funding more customer discounts.

In a flywheel business, which of the following is the most important source of new prospects?

Word of mouth

What is the relationship of funnels and flywheels to each other?

The flywheel replaces all funnels.
A flywheel and a funnel represent the same basic premise.
Individual funnels can be interconnected within a flywheel.
Creating a flywheel is the first step in developing a robust funnel.

True or false? Every business exists primarily to create profits?

True – A business might have other goals it wants to achieve, but its leaders must be focused on profits first in order to achieve those other goals.
True – A business only exists to create profits for the people it employs.
False – Although most businesses have to generate profits in order to sustain themselves, every business exists to fulfill a specific purpose.
False – Businesses should not think about profits at all. Instead, they should find a higher purpose to fulfill.

Which of the following is the best way to align a company’s employees around a single purpose?

Defining a company culture that encourages employees to focus on fulfilling the company’s purpose.
Holding regular training sessions to remind employees what the company’s purpose is and teach them what they need to do to fulfill it.
Having a randomly selected employee recite the company’s purpose verbatim at the beginning of every meeting.
Adding the company purpose to every employee’s email signature.

Which of the following is NOT a key part of a company’s culture?

The company’s mission
The company’s values
What customers say about the company
The way employees behave when unsupervised

What is Jobs Theory?

A framework for defining internal job titles and descriptions.
The idea that a company should only have as many employees as it has “vital, relevant jobs” to do.
A method for understanding why people buy certain products and services.
A management system created by Steve Jobs.

When you use Jobs Theory to develop a timeline of events, where does that timeline start?

The first time a potential employee hears about your company.
The first time a potential customer realizes they have a need.
The day your company was founded.
The day you were hired into your current role.

According to Jobs Theory, which of the following is an example of a job story?

Our customers buy our product because it helps them feel more confident in social situations.
When I’m on my way to work, I want a quick and easy breakfast so that I can finish eating before I get to work and not get hungry again until after my first meeting of the day.
XYZ, Inc., was founded in 1902 in Paris, France, as a manufacturer of electric generators. Over the past century, they have grown from a regional manufacturer into an international power solutions leader.
The support specialist is responsible for helping customers find the answers they need as quickly as possible.

Which of the following is NOT a “job dimension” that Jobs Theory might uncover?

Demographic information
Functional requirements
Financial requirements
Personal identity

How does your company’s purpose affect “back office” teams (accounting, legal, etc.)?

Your back office teams should define and maintain your company’s purpose and find ways to share it with the rest of the company.
Back office teams should find ways to make sure accounting processes, legal forms, etc. are focused on the needs of your customers.
Back office teams should be aware of your company’s purpose but will not be affected by it directly.
Back office teams should audit customer facing teams to ensure the company’s purpose is being fulfilled.

Which of the following best describes a buyer persona?

A description of your ideal buyer that sounds like it’s talking about an individual person but is based on aggregated information about your target market.
An individual prospect that your company has identified as a good fit for your offering who will likely be receptive to outreach from your teams.
A list of demographic information that correlates with an interest in buying your product.
A sentiment analysis of a prospect that tells you how cooperative they’ll be during the sales conversation.

Who at your company will buyer personas most benefit?

The marketing department, because buyer personas are primarily a marketing tool.
The sales team, because buyer personas are primarily meant for qualifying leads.
All customer facing teams, because a good buyer persona can provide value to marketing, sales, and services.
Executive leadership, because a good buyer persona will rally the company around the leadership’s vision of the ideal customer.

Who should be involved in creating your buyer personas?

Marketing should create your buyer personas because they have the most data about prospects.
Services should create your personas because they have the most data about customers.
Your executive leadership should create your buyer personas because they best understand the company vision.
Anybody who interacts with your customers, directly or indirectly, should be invited to give input.

What is the role of “back office” teams (accounting, legal, etc.) in creating buyer personas?

Back office teams don’t need to be involved in creating buyer personas, but they should understand and accept the finished personas.
Back office teams often have key insights to offer during the creation process and should be invited to help create your buyer personas.
Back office teams should own the buyer persona creation process because they are less biased than customer facing teams.
Back office teams shouldn’t be involved with buyer personas at all because they don’t interact with customers directly.

True or false? There should be one person who is tasked with creating and maintaining your buyer personas.

True – Having more than one person involved in the creation process can lead to inconsistencies within a single persona.
False – If one person is in charge of personas, they’repoint of view will be disproportionately represented in the personas they produce.
False – Personas should be created and maintained by a cross-functional task force that operates with a flat structure where no one member of the team has any more authority or responsibility than any other team member.
True – You need to get input from as many people as possible, but you should have one person who is accountable for making sure personas are created and maintained.

What is the relationship between your company’s purpose and your buyer personas?

Your company’s purpose is found by combining your buyer personas together into a single company persona.
Your company’s purpose describes the culture your employees experience while buyer personas describe your company’s responsibility to customers.
The people who buy from your company (personas) are the only ones who understand the mission your company is trying to accomplish (purpose).
Having a deep understanding of the problem your company solves (purpose) can help you identify the people who have that problem (personas).

What kinds of information does your marketing team likely need included in a persona?

The number of people represented by that persona that they need to bring to the website each month.
How the persona finds answers to problems, and how they prefer to be communicated with.
The persona’s first name and email address so they can be sent personalized marketing emails.
The size of the target market represented by each persona.

What kinds of information does your sales team likely need included in each persona?

The size of the target market represented by each persona.
The full name, title, and direct phone number of the persona so they can reach out and initiate a sales conversation.
The goals and challenges the persona typically has that your product can help with.
They’re quota for the number of sales they need to close with that persona each quarter.

If a sales rep is speaking with a specific person and discovers that the person doesn’t exactly match their assigned persona, what should the sales rep do?

Rely on the information in the persona and ignore apparent differences. Personas often contain information that people don’t know about themselves and should be trusted over anything the individual person says.
Focus on serving the person using the information they provide even if it doesn’t match the persona. If the same discrepancy comes up repeatedly, the persona might need to be updated.
Send the person back to marketing. Marketing will nurture the person until they’re more qualified for sales outreach and match their persona more closely.
Create a new persona. In order for personas to be as accurate as possible, your team may need to have almost as many personas as you have prospects, leads, and customers.

When it comes to goal setting, what are objectives?

Objectives are statements that define the quantitative outcome of your goal.
Objectives are statements that define the qualitative outcome of your goal.
Objectives are statements you use to benchmark and monitor the progress toward your key result.
Objectives are statements you use to benchmark the performance of every individual contributor.

When it comes to goal setting, what are key results?

Key results are how you quantitatively benchmark and monitor how you get to the objective.
Key results are how you qualitatively benchmark and monitor how you get to the objective.
Key results are statements you use to benchmark the performance of every individual contributor.
Key results are reports that explain how you know how your competitors are performing.

True or false? Objectives typically have a designated time period, while key results can be long lived.


What is the three horizon framework?

The three horizon framework is a way to conceptualize what your business wants to accomplish in the short-term, mid-term, and long-term.
The three horizon framework is the sun’s relative position to the earth at any point of day.
The three horizon framework is a way to allocate stock in your business’ investment portfolio.
The three horizon framework is a performance plan that enables you to see the best and worst performers on your team.

In the three horizon framework, what does horizon one symbolize?

The initiatives you to take to power short-term success
The initiatives you take to power mid-term success
The initiatives you take to power long-term success
The initiatives you choose to omit or de-prioritize

In the three horizon framework, what does horizon two symbolize?

The initiatives you to take to power short-term success
The initiatives you take to power mid-term success
The initiatives you take to power long-term success
The initiatives you choose to omit or de-prioritize

In the three horizon framework, what does horizon three symbolize?

The initiatives you to take to power short-term success
The initiatives you take to power mid-term success
The initiatives you take to power long-term success
The initiatives you choose to omit or de-prioritize

True or false? If one horizon begins to underperform, you should reallocate resources to those initiatives until they start performing well.


What’s the maximum number of top priorities a company should have at any given time?


Fill in the blank: You can attract people by using _________ to create content and experiences.

a contact database
external thought leaders
your expertise
sales reps’ knowledge

In the engage stage what do you collect from an individual?

first name
email address

What could a marketer use in the engage stage to engage with different segments of their audience?

Ad retargeting
Pillar pages
All of the above

True or false? The buyer’s journey is only used by your marketing team.


What is the relationship between a company’s profits and its purpose?

A company’s purpose is to generate profits.
A company’s profits enable it to fulfill its purpose.
A company’s profits distracts from its purpose.
A company’s purpose drives profits.

How is your product’s “job to be done” tied to your customer’s personal identity?

Your customer wants your product to reflect what they believe about the world.
You have to understand a customer’s personal identity in order to understand the job they’re hiring your product to do.
By researching the job your product does, you’ll better understand the identity of your customer.
By researching your customer’s personal identity, you’ll uncover the job they’re trying to get done.

Why is it important to make sure the people buying your product are happy?

Happy customers generate more customers through word-of-mouth recommendations.
Word-of-mouth from unhappy customers can prevent potential customers from buying.
Happy customers are more likely to become repeat customers.
All of the above

How can thinking of your business as a flywheel improve the handoff between sales and services?

By merging the sales and services teams into a single team
By giving more visibility into the steps involved to make the handoff go smoothly
By having salespeople take on post-sale responsibilities
By providing more granular reporting during the sales process

Fill in the blank: During the attract stage of the inbound methodology, an inbound business focuses on __________________. (Choose all that apply.)

becoming a trusted advisor to a prospect
attracting prospects and customers through relevant and helpful content
immediately adding value to a prospect’s buyer’s journey
exceeding a prospect’s expectations in the buying process so that they’ll want to tell their friends and family about your company

True or false? Delight is only about the customer experience your service delivers.


Fill in the blank. _________ of consumers have discontinued communications with a company because of irrelevant promotions or messages.


Fill in the blank. _________ of customers will never do business with a company again after one negative experience.


Fill in the blank. To build trust with your target audience, you need to align with the way they _________. (Choose all that apply.)


Which departments should be involved in creating content?

All departments
Just marketing
Just marketing and sales
All customer-facing departments

True or false? It is a recommended best practice to gate and deliver majority of your content over live chat.


How can thinking of your business as a flywheel foster cross-team collaboration?

If each team has separate funnels, a flywheel can help them understand how those funnels fit together and support each other.
Its impossible for a funnel to apply to multiple teams.
Funnels inevitably cause friction between teams.
A flywheel replaces the standard org chart by showing each individual employee and team their relationship to every other employee and team.

What is the relationship between the inbound methodology and the concept of a flywheel?

The inbound methodology has arrows to show the direction your flywheel should spin.
The inbound methodology is shown as a circle. It presents the flywheel that will drive your businesses growth.
The only way to make your company operate like a flywheel is to use inbound techniques.
The inbound methodology represents a funnel that exists in one part of your companys flywheel.

What might your customer service team use the buyers journey for?

All of the above

Which of the following are principles of inbound? (Choose all that apply.)

Personalize for impact.
Energize for consistency.
Synergize for gratuity.
Empathize for perspective.

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